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Just before the easter, I contributed in this Phorecast Session – Work Life in 2022 at Almega in Stockholm. The mission was ordered by Almega, Saco and Unionen, aiming to get input to the cooperation for the Swedish service sector - Tjänstesektorns samarbetsavtal. The participants were handpicked and I was one of them. We were divided into three teams, and we worked for three days. My team mates was Eva Ribbenhall and Lars Lundqvist. Very nice and skilled people! It seems we made a good team, since we after the presentations were designated from the jury as the winners! As a part of price we were invited to come back and present our scenario once again – this time for the leadership board of Tjänstesektorns samarbetsavtal. Very honoring…

Here is a pic of all of the participants.

I travel a lot, my clients are spread all over. But mostly to Stockholm, it is a very design intensive region where a lot happens. And because I am engaged in the Swedish Association of Designers I try to attend to important events and meetings. It is quite a lot interesting in the pipe line ahead. Next year Helsinki is World Design Capital 2012, and I last friday I met the committee from Finland at Svensk Form, exploring how we can collaborate more. Also I work close to SVID – Swedish Industrial Design Foundation, right now with a very exciting project –  I tell you more later…

Well – that’s about it at the moment… besides I am also on parental leave allowing me to spend more time together with my son. He is one year old now – time flies!!

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When the Support Association for SVID had the annual general meeting it took place on SVT – Sveriges Television – the Swedish public service television company. I was there representing the Swedish Association of Designers. Besides the meeting we also got a presentation of the development and design process of the award winning web broadcasting service SVT Play.

Lisa Lindström, CEO from Doberman – the agency who has been involved in creating SVT Play – learned us more about digital service design and the work behind the scenes. Stefan Kervefors, production manager for SVT Play showed us the historic perspective and told us the story from the process. Also participating from SVT Erik Hedin, Peter Wissmar and Mats Liljengren.

Service Design is an interesting subject indeed - and it is very instructive to see how it can be implemented. Also it is thought-provoking how many services easily could be enhanced by putting in some knowledge about design and human centered interaction. SVT Play is a very good example of Service Design, proved by winning the award Design S last year, but there are also a lot of areas unexplored – not only connected to web and interaction design, but also to product design and all of the other everyday experiences we meet.





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Swedish Industrial Design Foundation, SVID, arranged a day about Smart Textiles in Borås. I participated representing the Swedish Association for Designers. We visited the School of Textiles and the company FOV Fabrics, where we were demonstrated in the upcoming new materials, science and developing within Smart Textiles. It really is an exciting area filled with opportunities and creative solutions growing from a interesting environment of cross boarder competencies. Borås School of Textiles and the Swedish Textile Industries are very skilled and far ahead in many ways in taking the lead into the future. Overall I had a very nice day – I learned a lot and got the opportunity to meet new and old friends. Thank you SVID!




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For the third time I am commissioned to be a coach in the Design Open.

SVID Design Open is a Swedish design competition for students at high school and university level. Future designers and business developers from all around the country meet to develop services and products that inspire the industry to think new.

During SVID Design Open new business ideas are born and developed to eventually be launched in the market. The goal is to contribute to a sustainable development of society and to strengthen the role of design as a competitive tool.

This year’s competition task will focus on ”Energy in everyday life” How can we influence people’s behavior? How can we become aware of our energy consumption, can it be fun to be energy efficient, what are tomorrow’s smart products, services and concepts?

The competition runs throughout the fall semester with prize ceremony in the spring.


Coaches gathered at the start of Design Open in Gothenburg, 24 September 2010.

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On friday 4 of June we organized a design meeting in Jönköping. The day was arranged by myself and my friend Dag Holmgren, with support from Swedish Association for Designers, SVID – Swedish Industrial Design Foundation and Svensk Form - Swedish Society of Crafts and Design.

It was a really nice day, filled with interesting speakers and opportunities to network and meet new friends. Almost 80 participants, mostly designers but also producers and representatives from swedish design organizations.

Among the speakers we heard Peter Horbury – Vice President of Design at Volvo Cars, Lars Johansson – founder of Profilgruppen AB, Carina Mollsö – Designer at Scandinavian Eyewear, Lotta Ahlvar - Swedish Association for Designers / The Swedish Fashion Council, Gisela Mattisson and Christer Ericson – SVID, Britt-Marie Börjesgård – Svensk Form, Anders Wisth – Designregion Småland / Möbelriket.




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When SVID, The Swedish Industrial Design Foundation, arranged a field trip within Design Management, I was there representing Swedish Association of Designers. The place for the study was Materia in Tranås; a natural choice, since the company is really skilled within the area. The comprehensive approach of Materia is very impressive, how every little detail is carefully thought out, and how all together bringing out the core values to get very clear – internally and externally.

Design management is also one of my special working areas. To introduce design thinking in the company strategy – management by design. I often have to prove and convince about the importance of design management. What’s the profit? Well, Materia is the perfect example:
Materia was founded in 1992 by Kersti Sandin and Lars Bülow. Materia has quickly grown into one of the most prominent design companies in the industry, with a turnover on 140 mSEK and 62 employees.

It was a very interesting and informative day, with lectures from Robin Edman – CEO SVID, Lisbeth Svengren Holm – Head of Research and Education SVID, Lars Bülow – CEO Materia and Kersti Sandin Bülow Director of Design Materia.