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I should never have said it, the spring is approaching. Just because of that there has been a snow chaos in Sweden. Trains suspended, roads closed and flights delayed. I mean, I like the winter but come on. I heard there is some kind of record in our area, it has been almost 60 days in a row with minus degrees!

Last week I was in Oslo, had a meeting with the scandinavian design organizations, Swedish Association of Designers, Danish Designers, Grafill – the Norwegian Organisation for Visual Communication and NID - the association for professional industrial designers in Norway. The reason we met was to discuss the opportunities for closer cooperation between the organizations. The meeting was successful and a good step ahead in the progress.

When I had the opportunity I also visited this school that a friend of mine started six years ago; Designinstituttet. The students gets the opportunities to explore their skills within different disciplines in an open creative atmosphere and together with the very best of teachers. The results from the school is really impressive.

Anyhow we stayed over the weekend spending some time with some old friends living in Oslo. We had a very nice time, good food, cinema and ”fika”. Because of the snow, the cold weather and the transport issues the travel back home got a bit delayed. But finally we got home, safe and happy.



Categories: All, Holiday

Seasons greetings from Sweden. It is holidays and people are celebrating together with famelies and friends. The winter has come and it’s time for outdoor activities in the snow. Skiing, skating and building snow castles.

If you are in the need to get in touch with me you are welcome. I will be available at my phone and my e-mail.

The first pic below is from the region Dalecarlia (Dalarna) in Sweden where I am doing a project within destination design. The ”dala-horse” is a strong symbol for the region and also for Sweden abroad.

The second picture is från a ski area up north, Åre, where I recently started my ski season when participated in the Fis Ski World Cup working in the slopes with the course setting for the ladies slalom and giant-slalom. It is a nice ittermitent assignment to do, specially since skiing is one of my big interests.

Thank you everyone for a great 2009. See you next year that will be even greater!

Best Daniel



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