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Besides my work with design commissions I am also consulting for Nässjö Träcentrum where I do courses in design. The educations are connected to Jönköping University. As a part of the educations we work close to the industry and regularly do study visits. Recently I arranged a trip to Stockholm for the students, we filled a big bus and left early in the morning. First we visited Materialbiblioteket where Björn Florman took good care of us. Materialbiblioteket offers help and service for students, designers and architects to get knowledge of new materials, and to be updated on development of new materials and technology with opportunity to touch and study samples. A very inspiring place that can be recommended for a visit! Since Materialbiblioteket is situated in the same building as Konstfack at Telefonplan we stayed and had a look in the facilities with guidance of Thomas Herrström who teach industrial design at the school. After lunch we went to the newly built design hotel Nobis at Norrmalms Torg, where the famous bureau CKR has made the interior. That visit really made great impressions on all the students, it is really an amazing building and we also got to see the suite – available from €2800 per night! Before the trip back home we made a last visit on White Architects at Norra Hammarbyhamnen where industrial designer Björn Tegnell informed the students about different projects, about the company’s building which is built and designed by White themselves, and also made an interesting lecture about light design.

As you understand it was a long and exciting day full of new impressions and when the bus returned home to Nässjö and Jönköping all the students where very satisfied and tired.

Materialbiblioteket - The Library of materials



Konstfack – University College of Arts, Crafts & Design


Nobis Hotel – The Lobby, Chandelier from Orrefors, design Gunnar Cyrén, 1960



White Architects

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Chris Bangle – someone say ”Or you love, or hate him”. I admire him!

As the head of design for BMW Chris became one of the most famous – and reviled – auto designers in automotive history. Recently he abruptly resigned after 16 years with the German automaker. His daring designs have affected the industry, and made spurning rivals to follow in emulating his distinctive style.

On the Icsid World Design Congress in Singapore, Chris presented his work and thoughts about Personal Emotional Mobility 2050. He explained how it is a catalyst; a phenomenon that engages and inspires creativity and productivity within society. It was a very inspiring lecture, and I had the pleasure to meet him during my time I spend on the congress.

Chris Bangle and me

In my opinion, Chris is an open minded, daring designer contributing to a creative approach to the future of, not only cars, but more interesting – auto mobility. His geniality and strong innovation in automotive design are often compared to his controversy in some solutions. One of them is the BMW GINA concept car from 2008, see video below.

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A short report from some of my journeys I’ve been doing recently. That includes impressions from fairs and exhibitions in Berlin, Stockholm, Oslo and London. Take a moment and have a look at the slideshow.

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It’s obvious how the eco-trend is here to stay, and it’s very interesting to see the directions of the future development within the area. In some way the eco-friendly handicraft connected ideas are being replaced with the more high tech solutions, but still with the eco-friendly attention. Sustainable thoughts have become more naturally included to the process, nothing new when working with industrial design, but far more accepted from the market, much thanks to the importance as selling point.

It is very exciting to see the new materials that are being adapted. And the upcoming fabrics, wallpapers, nano technology – well, it’s pure science fiction. And there are far more to come! Many of the materials that the scientists have done are still waiting for field of application. But there are also the traditional stuff like bamboo, very eco-friendly and adaptable within many areas like furniture, table ware and even fabrics etc.

So… What will the future bring? Well that´s up for you and me to decide. Let´s be optimistic and innovative… and create a sustainable future for next generations.