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Representing The Swedish Association of Designers, I was participating at The Design and Learning Conference 2010 i Brussels recently. The objective of the conference was to explore in depth the multiple relationships between design and learning from a policy making point of view.

The first part of the conference presented the potential of design from different views by keynote speakers within the area. Then the conference  focused on three major areas, learning design; design and education and design and culture corresponding broadly with the European Commission ongoing work on design; on education; and on the cultural and creative industries.

From the conclusions it was emphasized that design is an important sector and has an vital role within the creative economy, and that there will be a board within the Innovation Union for working out design policies for the future invests in innovation and creativity.

After the conference I also got a glimpse of our beautiful European capital, and experienced a fantastic Christmas spirit at the square Grand Place and bought some Belgian chocolate… yummy!






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For the third time I am commissioned to be a coach in the Design Open.

SVID Design Open is a Swedish design competition for students at high school and university level. Future designers and business developers from all around the country meet to develop services and products that inspire the industry to think new.

During SVID Design Open new business ideas are born and developed to eventually be launched in the market. The goal is to contribute to a sustainable development of society and to strengthen the role of design as a competitive tool.

This year’s competition task will focus on ”Energy in everyday life” How can we influence people’s behavior? How can we become aware of our energy consumption, can it be fun to be energy efficient, what are tomorrow’s smart products, services and concepts?

The competition runs throughout the fall semester with prize ceremony in the spring.


Coaches gathered at the start of Design Open in Gothenburg, 24 September 2010.

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Hello again! Had a nice summer? Me too! I have been relaxing together with family and friends, and after the holidays I feel pepped and inspired getting back to business. I got some very interesting projects in the pipeline and I am really looking forward to deal with them. Also, back home it is a big difference than before. We had our first child in april. It is a very special feeling to see the happiness in my son’s eyes when I come home after work.

Here are some new pics from the last design events and exhibitions I visited. Design S is from june and Formex from last weekend. Also a couple of nice pics from the hotel Nordic Light where we stayed during Formex. Since Snoopy celebratin 60 years they had this Joe Cool exhibition.

Design S exhibition and award ceremony






Beautiful lamps by young swedish designer Johan Lindstén


The Joe Cool suite at Nordic Light




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On friday 4 of June we organized a design meeting in Jönköping. The day was arranged by myself and my friend Dag Holmgren, with support from Swedish Association for Designers, SVID – Swedish Industrial Design Foundation and Svensk Form - Swedish Society of Crafts and Design.

It was a really nice day, filled with interesting speakers and opportunities to network and meet new friends. Almost 80 participants, mostly designers but also producers and representatives from swedish design organizations.

Among the speakers we heard Peter Horbury – Vice President of Design at Volvo Cars, Lars Johansson – founder of Profilgruppen AB, Carina Mollsö – Designer at Scandinavian Eyewear, Lotta Ahlvar - Swedish Association for Designers / The Swedish Fashion Council, Gisela Mattisson and Christer Ericson – SVID, Britt-Marie Börjesgård – Svensk Form, Anders Wisth – Designregion Småland / Möbelriket.




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A brand new fashion store opened in Västervik – Avenue 68! First of its kind, with a very exciting and different design approach; at least for being in Västervik. The interior is tasteful and elegant, with smart and creative display solutions. Visitors are given this feelings of traveling far away when entering and arrive to a very contrastful place filled with carefully selected fashion from all over the world. So next time in Västervik don’t miss it – ”Avenue 68 – your fashion destination”. Definitely worth a visit!

Design Nation was engaged for building the brand and developing the design concept. We are very glad to be a part of this and looking forward for a long-term cooperation.




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Together with Svid, Almi and the business network Design Sydost I gave a lecture about creating value with design last week. The target group was sme companies in the region wondering what design can do for them, and also how and where to get in touch with design.

The meeting was held in Vimmerby (the home town of famous author Astrid Lindgren!). Except of me representing my own company; Design Nation and Swedish Designers, the speakers was Martina Lago from Almi and Johan Malmquist from Addi.

After the presentations we did a study visit to the successful light company Zobra where the manager Michael Engstrand showed us the plant and the products.


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Chris Bangle – someone say ”Or you love, or hate him”. I admire him!

As the head of design for BMW Chris became one of the most famous – and reviled – auto designers in automotive history. Recently he abruptly resigned after 16 years with the German automaker. His daring designs have affected the industry, and made spurning rivals to follow in emulating his distinctive style.

On the Icsid World Design Congress in Singapore, Chris presented his work and thoughts about Personal Emotional Mobility 2050. He explained how it is a catalyst; a phenomenon that engages and inspires creativity and productivity within society. It was a very inspiring lecture, and I had the pleasure to meet him during my time I spend on the congress.

Chris Bangle and me

In my opinion, Chris is an open minded, daring designer contributing to a creative approach to the future of, not only cars, but more interesting – auto mobility. His geniality and strong innovation in automotive design are often compared to his controversy in some solutions. One of them is the BMW GINA concept car from 2008, see video below.

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It´s Sunday August 16. I am in Berlin, at historical ground – the Olympic Stadium. The World Championships in Athletics. In just a few minutes Usain Bolt will break the 100 metres world record. He’s about to doing the ”impossible”. But everyone know – the ”impossible” is possible. The expectations are high. But no one expected 9,58.

Usain Bolt and I have the same motto. Anything is possible! That’s what I have in mind in my everyday creative profession, and that’s also the reality for the fastest man on earth. 9 seconds and 58 hundredths. That’s insane. That’s inspiring…


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This Wednesday I visited Lammhult Design Group and Abstracta. I did a lecture on design and creativity for a small group of Entrepreneurs, Innovators and people from Almi Business Partner. It was very inspirating to meet all of them, sharing thoughts about business development and strategic design.

Lammhult is a nice spot in the  Kingdom of Furnitures. When traveling there you’ll see a lot of Småland, beautiful landscapes, traditional Swedish houses red with white corners, and a lots of wood. Specially extraordinary in this time on the year.

During the visit we had a short tour to the manufacturing plant. On the picture below our host Thomas is showing the really nice Airflake design by Stefan Borselius. It’s an absorbing screen made from molded fiber felt.